Manuel Rossner

The Post Binary
The Post Binary

The Post-Binary asks about a future which is emerging right now. With software becoming smarter and robots ever more versatile, innovation and automation become seemingly omnipresent in large aspects of our lives. Although many applications such as self-driving cars, AI systems for clinical diagnostics or seemless augmented reality are still under development, there is evidently immense potential to shake up the status quo – for better or for worse. The question is: How do we use our new toolboxes? And what will human life be like when AI and its applications permeate society?

The Post-Binary aims at illuminating the role that AI plays in both art and society today and attempts to afford a glimpse of how this role might evolve. To this end we will hear from key figures of the scene, who will offer us their perspectives and elaborate upon their contributions to the field(s).

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