MANUEL ROSSNER creates spaces, often but not necesserily intersecting with reality. 

In 2012 he started Float Gallery, where the classical white cube is extended to the digital realm. In thematic exhibitions he shows the work of emerging artists in the field.



unreal, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf (untily July 30)

Mermaids & Unicorns, curated by Carlotta Meyer, Benoit Palop and Tina Sauerländer

Flee Immediately, Transmediale Vorspiel,
Panke Gallery, Berlin, Feb. 15 2017

Ultralight Beam, 1822-Forum x Float Gallery, 
Frankfurt, January 2017



The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood,
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Scripted Spaces, HfG Offenbach : Satellit Berlin

unpainted Lab 3.0, Munich 

The Internet Is Present pt.2/3, digital3mpire, Düsseldorf


The Internet is present, Husselhof Gallery, Frankfurt (Artist/Curator)

The Uncurated, online/Museo del Chopo, México City

OFFM Public Art Panels, Frankfurt/Offenbach

Out-of-Range Types, saasfee* Pavillon, Frankfurt

#LocalNon #Sculpture, Athens Digital Art Festival

Act natural, Float Gallery x Galerie Eva Meyer, Paris (Curator)


Before 2015

how to water - a slow performance, Serifos Island, Greece, 2014

Das Festival der jungen Talente!, Campus Bockenheim, Frankfurt, 2012

What we call painting, Float Gallery / Hauptbahnhof Offenbach, 2012 (Curator)


»Virtual (inter-)Reality: How Manuel Rossner shines his UltraLight Beam through the ‘Dark Enlightenment’« on AQNB by Penny Rafferty

»Die leichte Utopie« on Schirn Magazin by Philipp Hindahl about »act natural«

Review of »act natural« on by Masonori Mizuno

aqnb about »act natural«

Interview for 'Bird in Flight' Magazine

Computer Arts Collection: Key Trends in Photography (Aug'13 issue)

Interview with Romuald Demidenko in »Is it art or is it just« Trendbook

El país about »Ellos la llaman escultura«

Interview and exhibition review on

La Liberarion keeps an eye on us and SPAMM about »SPAMM at cermâ«

»what we call painting« on ilikethisart

Schirn Magazin »digital/analog: cermâ« by Fabian Famulok


»VR in Art«, Eigen + Art Lab / Art Lovers, Berlin, June 2017

META Conference, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, May 2017

captcha designfestival
Workshop & Talk in Mannheim, August 2015

»Kann eine online Plattform ein Off-Space sein?« The Reciprocal Turn, Karlsruhe, 2015

»Nodes in the digital art world«
Panel at Node Festival 2015, Frankfurt

»Le spectateur augmenté«
scam* Paris, Conference, April 2014

»L’exposition numérique comme œuvre d’art«
École national supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 2013 

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